Switchblade Hair Trimmer
Switchblade Hair Trimmer
Switchblade Hair Trimmer
Switchblade Hair Trimmer
Switchblade Hair Trimmer
Switchblade Hair Trimmer

Switchblade Hair Trimmer

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If you have a lot of facial hair, or like to maintain a clean shave even when on the road, the all-in-one Switchblade Hair Trimmer is among the best in the industry. This two in one trimmer has a full size blade that will help keep your beard or sideburns trim and neat.

This trimmer is a head to toe full body grooming system. You can also use to trim your frontal or back hairline, keeping your head clean and looking good. If you have sensitive skin, or trimming hair from a sensitive part of the body such as such as your ears, or eyebrows, and others; the light blade mounted on this innovative device has a sensual touch.

It will get the job done without causing injuries, or irritating your delicate skin in any way. The Switchblade Hair Trimmer also has a snap on guide that stabilizes it, and improves control during usage. The probability of shaving your eyebrows, or having an unbalanced trim as was the norm using razor blade and traditional trimmers is no longer a concern, when using the Switchblade Hair Trimmer. You are in control of the trimming process. You get the look you want, while using this revolutionary gadget.

 Getting Started with Your Switchblade Hair Trimmer!



  1. Slide the battery compartment cover lock following the direction of the arrow located at the bottom of the trimmer to open the compartment cover (Illustration 1).
  2. Insert (2) AAA batteries as shown (Illustration 2).
  3. Close the battery compartment cover then slide the compartment cover lock to close (Illustration 1).


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not look directly into light during use.
  • Use caution when using trimmer head around eyes.
  • Do Not Mix Old and New Batteries.
  • Do Not Mix Alkaline, Standard, or Rechargeable Batteries.

HOW TO USE Switchblade Hair Trimmer:

Best for: Beard and mustache sculpting, nose & ear hair trimming & sideburns.

  1. Remove the protective cap from the micro trimmer then press the on/off button once to turn on (Illustration 3). 
  2. Important: Switchblade Hair Trimmer will not turn on unless the full size trimmer head is locked in the down position.
  3. Hold the Switchblade Hair Trimmer at a 45 degree angle to desired area and trim in the opposite direction of your hair growth.
  4. Continue to trim in the opposite direction of the hair growth until the hair is removed.

Tip: For the cleanest hair removal, pull your skin tight with one hand while trimming.
Important: To avoid damage to your Switchblade Hair Trimmer, be sure that the batteries are inserted in the proper direction indicated by the +/- signs. If your Switchblade Hair Trimmer will not be used for a long period of time, remove the batteries from the unit.

USING THE Switchblade Hair Trimmer COMB ATTACHMENTS: 

Best for: eyebrow trimming and grooming

  • Included with your Switchblade Hair Trimmer are two micro trimmer comb attachments for trimming eyebrows/mustaches. The 2mm/4mm comb is for trimming shorter hairs. The6mm comb is for trimming longer hairs.
  1. Trimmer should be turned off.
  2. Align the grooves on the Micro Trimmer Comb Attachment with the grooves on the Micro Trimmer Head(Illustration 4).
  3. Slide the appropriate side of the Micro Trimmer Comb Attachment onto the Micro Trimmer Head. Comb attachments may be washed under running water after removing from trimmer. However be sure they are thoroughly dry before re-use.


Note: When using the 2 sided 2mm/4mm Micro Trimmer Comb Attachment, be sure the trimming size you prefer is facing the area you wish to trim.

To remove the Micro Trimmer Comb Attachment, turn the power off, hold the center of the unit and simply slide the Comb off.


Important: Water will cause damage to your Switchblade Hair Trimmer. Do not use Switchblade Hair Trimmer in a damp room or near water. When not in use, be sure Switchblade Hair Trimmer is turned off and stored in a cool, dry area.


Best for: trimming the back of neck, chest hair, arm hair 

  • To turn on the Switchblade Hair Trimmer hold the back of the unit then slide the protective cover of the full size trimmer towards the Micro Trimmer Head from the underside of the unit (Illustration 5) keeping your palm clear of the blade. DO NOT slide the cover from the top side of the unit (Illustration 6). Doing so exposes your hand to the Trimmer Blade and may cause skin abrasion.

Important: Full size trimmer head will not turn on until the trimmer cover locks into the up position.

Trimming Body Hair (no comb attachment):

  1. Hold the trimmer at a 45 degree angle to your skin and trim in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  2. Continue to trim until the desired result. DO NOT apply excess pressure to the blade. Doing so may result in injury to the skin and/or damage to the blade.

Trimming Necklines (no comb attachment):

  1. Hold the trimmer at a 45 degree angle to your skin and trim in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  2. Continue to trim until the desired result. DO NOT apply excess pressure to the blade. Doing so may result in injury to the skin and/or damage the blade.

Trimming Head Hair (WITH comb attachment):

Note: When choosing an attachment start with the longer trimming comb attachment and if you desire a shorter length change the comb attachment to the next size.

  1. Determine the length you want your hair to be and attach the appropriate comb attachment per the instructions above.
  2. Comb the trimmer through your hair in a normal combing motion. If you are not getting the desired trimming results, lift your hair from the scalp and comb through (Illustration 8).
  3. Repeat the same steps for each side of your head. Make sure each side is even with each other.
  4. Trim from front to back using the combing motion.



  • Main materials: ABS, rubber, stainless steel
  • Power supply: 2 * AAA battery(not included)
  • Item size: 17 * 4 * 2.5cm / 6.69 * 1.57 * 0.98in
  • Item weight: 130g / 4.59oz
  • Package weight: 140g / 4.94oz
  • Package size: 21 * 10 * 5cm / 8.27 * 3.94 * 1.97in


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